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Imperial chorizo


We are proud to introduce you to our best Spanish Chorizo. We slow cure our Chorizos for over 5 weeks, allowing all of the ingredients to season slowly, to produce Imperial: A taste of old Spain.

Here is how we differ from other styles of chorizo:

  • Non-heat treated, preserves all the flavors from the meat and spices.
  • Longer curing time; all the flavors slowly blend together for a unique taste.
  • We only use Pimentón de la Vera, the best Spanish paprika (authentic pimentón from Spain) in the world.
  • We only use the best pork for our chorizo, hind leg included.
  • Even though Imperial is not heat-treated, the USDA qualifies our products as shelf stable.
  • You might find our chorizos slightly uneven, we use the old Spanish artisan technique instead of mass production. Each one of our products has its own personality.
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