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July 15, 2014Food Blogger Cake Mom suggests Imperial Chorizo as a Fatherís Day gift

Food Blogger Cake Mom suggests Imperial Chorizo as a Father’s Day gift, claiming the chorizo is great with some cheese and crackers.  See the article

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June 07, 2014Pata Negra LLC will offer a taste of Imperial White Chorizo at Fancy Food Show

Gourmet News shared with us information about Imperial Chorizo Summer Fancy Food Show exhibition and White Chorizo launch. Pata Negra LLC will

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May 19, 2014Pata Negra's Imperial Chorizo

Deli Market TV - Pata Negra - Quick Dish DeliMarket TV gives a full review of our brand, Imperial Chorizo, and our products. Read the

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May 19, 2014Chorizo or chorizo? Whatís the difference?

What’s the Difference Between Chorizo and Chorizo? It’s a confusing question that Greg Henry try to answer in a moment. Read the

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May 01, 2014Pata Negra Features its Mild Imperial Chorizo

Unlike most other chorizos in the U.S. which are heat treated, Pata Negra uses a lengthier dry curing process which ensures that all natural ingredients

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