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Imperial Fuet

Imperial Fuet

Net Wt. 8 oz. (0.5 lb) (227 g)

Ingredients: pork, sea salt, lactic acid starter culture, dextrose, collagen casing, and spices.

No added color or artificial ingredients. Minimally processed. To fully enjoy the aroma and flavor, keep open in a dry, cool place for 24 h. Refrigerate after opening.

Our Spanish Fuet

Fuet comes from Catalonia, in the north-eastern part of Spain. Its longer length, smaller width, and tangy flavor make it a delicious snack to nibble on.
The perfect mix of pork cuts, black pepper and spices, but without Spanish paprika (authentic pimentón from Spain) and less garlic makes it appealing to everybody.
It's widely eaten in Catalonia at breakfast and for snacks. Most people like it soft and tender, but if left hanging in your pantry to dry a little longer, it acquires a whole different, harder, texture and new flavors.

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